Below is some great content about different business valuation methods. If you are looking for some advanced modeling literature, I can highly recommend this modeling package which I have found extremely useful in helping me mastering both Excel and financial modeling - which works as a stable knowledge base in my investment banking carrier.

P/B ratio

P/BV ratio is a price-to-book value (of equity) ratio and the book value of equity is the difference between the book value of total assets and the book value of liabilities. This multiple is employed to compare the value of a company to others’ in the simplest way since book values are stable and often possible to compare to market prices. Moreover the valuation of companies even with negative earnings which are troublesome for the P/E ratio as well as DCF valuation model is not as big of an obstacle with P/BV ratio. But book values depend on accounting standards and principles and thus, make it difficult to compare with companies in other countries.

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